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Saturday, July 23, 2011

cleaning house.

i moved my mamalliteration posts to this blog.  i just can't live in two places.  it's difficult enough to keep track of my shoes in one house, let alone trying to remember what goes where, when ;)
there hasn't been much interest in my posts over there, so...i cleaned that pad out.

last wednesday i spent an hour and a half in our upstairs (which is our guest room/toy disaster area) sorting through a humongous basket of legos.  i sorted the big bricks into a huge bin, and the other two types of bricks into two smaller bins.

when i got home from work today, aching feet (i dropped my end of a dresser on the top of my feet several months ago, sometimes that spot still hurts), hungry, animated kids, full bladder, to see the huge bin of bricks in the living room, with other toys mixed in.  i 'bout walked right out the front door.  i was *this* close, but my feet were really hurting!  i have a wonderful husband.  yes, i do!  but it seems to me, he doesn't see my organization attol (at all). even though i am very cluttery, i do understand the effort and the enjoyment of giving all our things a space of their own.  did i mention i was sweating like a head to toe sauna-type sweat on wednesday afternoon when i was (ahem, nearly in my birthday suit, *on* my birthday) upstairs with no fan trying to make way for a guest? i did?  yeah.  i did a good job sorting and sweating.  i wanted it to stay that way, but children insist on playing with their toys.
[...edit/remove 7/28]
on the upside, i got myself a lovely little purple and white check apron for $.79 at the thrifty today.  WOOT!  i'm wearing it now...
i find it humorous that i didn't noticed the kids' rocker tipped forward until i saw this photo!

i have a similar pink and white check apron from the same thrift a couple years back.  makes me wonder if the same gal donated them.

what's the point?  just like any good habit, you have to keep practicing over and over. 
I will keep practicing poetry, making room for it here.  I will keep sorting, til we as a family get the hang of it, and it becomes second nature to put the books in the drawer, not the lego bin.  teehee!


Sharyn said...

well, I for one am happy you moved your posts over because I didn't know about the other place. How did I not know???

ethiopifinn said...

it was top secret ;)
i had a link in a tab at the top.

did you get a brain freeze when you dunked under?

MindiJo said...

Oh, good! I'm not the only one that does that.

And. I missed your B-day while I was unplugged in DC. Happy belated, pretty lady! I love your gifts.

ethiopifinn said...

Oh THAT's where you've been!
Thanks, you jet-setter, you ;)

Anonymous said...

I really need to start remembering to tie on an apron. My favorite skirt, my favorite pants, now have oil soaked into thier fibers. Why do I never think of it? You always seem to inspire me w/aprons, but I guess in both those instances above, I was just being a slob w/my salad dressing. I wasn't really "in the kitchen"...
I totally KNOW about the organizing thing...my HH hates when I start my weekly cleaning, trying to find everything it's place.