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Friday, July 22, 2011


I have made it three dozen years to the ripe age of


I asked my husband to, well, let me rephrase that, I told H to take my picture with my gifts. He took quite a few shots, none of them were super de duper. I thought it might be better to grab a pic of the gifts alone. 

H picked out the purse for me. I didn't expect anything; I love the surprise and the bag is fantastic! I was drooling over the book, my Mom ordered it from Amazon. Serious. She totally surprises me (the online shopping and the actual gift!) Much fun.

Seeing as the photographic representation appeared undesirable, retouching seemed a viable option.  In this manner we can gaze upon my sub-par retouch of my sub-chin chin.  (Brita, are you prepared to edit my chinny chin chin into just one chin?)

Hey. Guess where I first heard about this book?
N.P.R!  haha!

Last weekend the hubbinator was outta town getting rowdy, I suppose, with his pals.  Gramma helped out a bit; it did surprised me how well I coped, however. (that is until last night (he got home tues @ 2 a.m.--4 hrs late due to weather on the east coast) when i blew my top (yes, even on my birthday, i got a leeetle bit stricter) over whiny kids and whiny husband--teehee)  Theo was quite anxious for Daddy to return on Monday night.  He couldn't bear to go to bed.  He tried for a while, but then I just let him stay up with me.  I like the kinds of conversations we have when we're relaxed, the two of us cozied up on the couch with the Bachelorette. (what.  it's totally a good show, comPLETELY kid-appropriate.)  AAAnyhoo, he ended up getting hungry, so he had a sandwich around 9.  He likes roast beef and provolone.  When we got the news that Daddy's plane was delayed, he went off to bed with my promise that Dad would come in and kiss him as soon as he arrived home.  The photo is so very blurry, but I get a kick out of the way he holds his food...like a tray, on the palm of his hand, rather than in his fingers.

Last night my Mom and Shirley stopped over to deliver a birthday cake and the book.  H dashed out on some errands, so we fine ladies enjoyed our dessert with the kids.  Today, while Judah was napping, they had another little sample of birthday cake.  Theo's bowl with his unwanted frosting was forgotten.  Judey boy, not long after he awoke, enjoyed the lapse, helping himself to a sweet treat.  He is 14 months now, already saying "cheese" (or an approximation) when he sees the camera.  Judo Chop, you are too cute!

To celebrate my birthday with the kids, we went grocery shopping mid-morning. Mainly we hit up the nearest super tarzjay, which can be a scene for much begging and pleading "just to look at the toys, mommy."  Normally I get firm and crabby about the thought of looking/hearing theo whine, and trying to catch up to suvi wandering all the aisles with pink toys. (today she told me pink is for girls and blue is for boys, as she was coloring.  i said that yes, sometimes, but girls don't own a color and boys don't own a color, because all the colors are for sharing. yep, she agreed)  I decided to be calm and enjoy their observations about the toys, and we were in the toy department for quite.some.time.  It was my intention to get a little something for the bigger two, since I love gifts, and giving them is just as fun. (I gave my boss a mug with a funny photo and a cute photo of him and his wife. for my bday.)  Suvi chose a little tin pencil box and a pack of markers.  Theo got a little tonka truck. Chuck.  Today, while I was resting my eyes on the couch-ola, Suves got to work with her new markers.  And a fine job she did.
her legs were quite stripey, mostly green with a few brown accents.

She loves to wear my heels.  I can't jam my pudgy tootsies in these anymore; she enjoys them too much for me to throw 'em out.

 Theo has such personality.  I don't know if he was a bad guy or a super hero in this photo.
There was a limb down on a tree across the street, we watched the city workers clean it all up.  They were so fast!  The main part of the clean-up was done in 20 minutes!
A lovely day.  And wow.  A birthday on FB does NOT go unnoticed!


Anonymous said...

there are no words to do your photos justice. love! I am glad to hear about what's been going on;) -jr

Julie said...

I will try this one last time! Darn internet.
1.) Impressive that your husband picked out that cute purse!
2.) Fun photos and I enjoyed the update on your adorable, growing up kiddos. :)
3.) Glad you got to spend your birthday with (and on) those who are nearest and dearest.
4.) Happy birthday. :)
5.) This wasn't bullet-style the other three times I tried to submit a comment.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Suv's heels----made me laugh out loud!


Anonymous said...

ALSO----Happy 36 yrs. I was hoping you'd catch up to me this year but, alas!

Today I joined my sis at Auntie Gingers camp. It was GORGEOUS-OUS! I wish you were coming to enjoy it too.


Brita said...

Love the heels also. And I refuse to alter your beauty, so there. :)

Amy said...

Happy happy Birthday! I said it on Facebook, but I'll say it here too.

ethiopifinn said...