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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

all the buzz

yesterday when my Mom came over, she thought something flew in with her.
four hours later, after she'd gone home, suvi spotted a wasp in the living room.  i opened the front door to let it out, suvi went to get the broom, in case we needed to encourage that bee towards the exit.
this is what we found between the storm and front doors.

now i have to do something about it...we'll do some figuring and purchasing today, and when the sun goes down, there is going to be some removal going on around here!


Sharyn said...

I would have flicked it right on the spot. LOL

Anonymous said...

Grrrr! I'd move out. ha ha.


Anonymous said...

We're always finding something like that on our deck. The last thing you need. -jr

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I remember how excited you were about those carpenter ants... LOL! Good thing you found this while it isn't that big. We've had some doozies on our house before. Good luck!!! :)

ethiopifinn said...

eew ANGE! you could hear those ants munching away the wall. ACK!

i've never seen this before this house. last summer they 'built' one on the deck, and i noticed they have been working on the south side of the garage. so industrious!

Anonymous said...

Yes, they were loud, too! Hard to believe that the land-lord felt no compulsion to repair the hole so they could just repopulate! The exterminator said that was the largest colony he'd ever seen! Makes you feel good, huh?! :)

I hope your birthday was very bug-free, with a little cloud following you around all day just to shade you!


elizabeth said...

Wow. Not fun to find, I imagine. (Though it's kind of neat to see a wasp nest in real life, just a shame it had to be on your door.)