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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

stone arch bridge and a caribou crossing


that'd be the mighty mississip'

my sils are so beautiful

                     I would like these fluffy, feathery plants in front of my house next year.
purple flowers are da bomb
my sugar boogar and me
those apartments are in NE mpls
we bumped into a group of my pals...a send off as a Northern Bird migrated
(hope you are enjoying it up there, my yooper friend!)

but the afternoon before that, at a caribou in the dreaded maple grove,
a beautiful thing appeared...

a little surprise visit


MindiJo said...

Minnesota has some gorgeous sights, that's all I know.

MindiJo said...

Oh, and that picture of you and Deanna makes me smile. It's really beautiful and happy.

Anonymous said...

OH How I wish I could have seen Deanna. How great that you got to see her! Nancy

Anonymous said...

I've been wanting those same feathery annuals myself for a few years...I don't move very fast. great pictures! -jr

Anonymous said...

ohhhh! You got to see Dee. I am kinda, sorta, teensey bit jealous. But I am happy for you too : )