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Monday, August 29, 2011

it takes all kinds.

i'm pretty lax, as a rule.
natural is good, not-so natural is good (if we're talking haircolor).
eating dinner out for a date is wonderful, eating drive-thru in the car with the kids parked in the shade is wonderful.
dark denim jeans are hot and my favorite thing to wear with a cute tank top.
black yoga pants are not hot and my favorite thing to wear with a regular tank top.
eating meals at the table is a really good practice, and keeps the living room clean.
i'm pretty lax on that rule.

it does create some messes that would be better contained to the vinyl flooring in the dining room.  and more hand prints on the living-room everything.

a couple of weeks ago i was talking about a long-time friend with her sister.  it was more about the difference in parenting between the two sisters, and the long-time friend sets her kids up with little trays for breakfast, instead of at the table.  i totally understand this concept of parenting.  it's called, do what works best to keep your head on straight.  the conversation just popped in my mind this morning and made me giggle as i was carrying three bowls into my living room.  i can imagine the shock and dismay for some parents at this style of serving our kids.  it works for both of us, my pal and me.  motherhood: it takes all kinds!

(we do eat meals together at the table. and we do eat meals together in the living room.  i know.  we are nutser than you thought!)


elizabeth said...

I eat on the floor in front of the forced-air heater. Often. Of course, I don't have kids, but I suspect that I would find it hard to stick them in chairs when I am not in one myself, LOL.

Anonymous said...

What!!??? In the living room??!!!


(I just wanted you to think I was one of those finicky moms.)


ethiopifinn said...

b- i know your kids eat at the table. as they should. but at least they have a view of the living room from there ;)

ethiopifinn said...

e- it would be funny! mumma by the heat and the kids with wool hats at the table. and smart socks.

where does atlas eat?

Anonymous said...

I follow mine around shoving spoonfuls in when she allows. I wasn't raised on this planet I live, but have learned to adapt as well, to what works for us. It's a liberating feeling to be able to go with it instead of fighting it. enjoyed your post:) -jr