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Friday, August 26, 2011

somebody's walking, should i let him in

lawd it's my baby, would you look at him!
you've heard about him, but (maybe) you've never seen
he's got brown eyes and brown jeeeeeaaaans!

HOORAY!  Our Judah boy has started to walk.  Tonight while I was at work he walked from the kitchen to the living room saying "Wa wa wa wa wa wa wa waaaaa!"  He's been taking a couple-three steps for a week, and earlier today he was running behind one of those push toy/ride on things.  And laughing.  I'm excited.  Can you tell? My BAAAAAby is walking.


Laura said...

That's very exciting!! Go Judah go!!

Anonymous said...

Well now he will have to come and show my baby how to walk! GO JUDAH!! Nancy

Anonymous said...

yeeehaw Judah! I know a little stubborn girl who could take a lesson or two from you.


Anonymous said...

Yay! -jr