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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

a risks-it, attacks it, green and yellow basket

there's been something on my mind of late, well, a bunch of things, truth be told, but this particular thing was first on the list.  i had to tell my heart temperature to a group of people.  no one was forcing me to make any declarations, but in my head and in my gut i knew the climate of my heart had to be revealed, all jokes aside.  i told them how much i care about them, how big i want to spend time with them, and that hopefully we can meet up in the spring.  (oh, did i say spring? because i was thinking spring.)  i realize one omission, however.  didn't seem to mention that there are two huge reasons why i hope they'll see me in the spring, rather than this fall:  we're having a VIP to stay for september, maybe more, and, i really don't have any moolah set aside right now.  that small reason is a really big reason, but the first reason is the main reason why i can't be gallivanting around the midwest in the coming season.

so i went right on ahead and said it first.  "Youse are super fantastic."  the whole conversation had been on the back burner; tonight, i just had to clean the stove top.

in preparation for the aforementioned VIP, we are in the midst of a house-al overhaul.  we're moving our bedroom upstairs, making our current room into the guest room.  the upstairs is our toy disaster zone.  i am determined to sort all those various sizes and shapes and make definite homes for them in the kids' bedroom.  we're painting the living room.  one wall done.  i have to declutter the kitchen, this computer desk, my purse...heh, heh.  i've done a really thorough job decluttering the checking account, so that's good. er, wait.  anyhoo, this house organizing and minimizing is a rather overwhelming task.  i'm sure i'll be up until 3 am the day before our VIP arrives.  which will ensure some lovely dark circles under my eyes, detracting from my voluminous chins/cheeks.  see? everything has it's purpose.  oh yeah, i need a new shower curtain.  the green one is ripped.  the hubbinator and i are going to try figure out how to put up the new light fixture in there, too.

OOH! my head be a jumbled!  my whole point is, i'm happy i told who i told what i told.  it cleared the way for me to think about this pressing matter of all the matter of facts within these four walls.  i got a lot of cleaning to do, lucy.


Brita said...

Wow, what an undertaking! This VIP must be VI. Let us know how it goes! I love the dark circles under the eyes comment. Chuckling out loud here, but no one can hear me because Hans is snoring louder than my chuckle.

Anonymous said...

when is MIL coming?

You make me laugh out loud too. You are too funny Miss Jenny.


mella said...

sing it, sister!
love that term 'heart temperature'.

wow, those are some huge changes!
however the 'home-over' turns out, she'll feel the love I am sure. I'll be thinking of you and sending good vibes for the visit...


elizabeth said...

I wish you could put me to work. I just overhauled my house - half of it anyway - and it was such fun I was wishing I had more to do.

Also love the phrase, "heart temperature".

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that you aren't the only one with the small but big reason for a spring fling. Actually, I'm knowing it.

-from the one that rhymes with

ethiopifinn said...

banana fana fo mo mizzle, Dizzle! phew. :)

e-i'll just reach out my westerly window and pull your state up next to my state, or vice versa, for a week!

melbs!!! thank you, sistah <3

b, labor day. eek!

brita, elbow hans. please. LOL!

Laura said...

I replaced all my light fixtures - I know how to do it if you need helpsies.
Decluttering is a pain in the wazoo but if feels so so good afterwards. When the physical clutter is gone somehow emotional and psychological clutter fades as well.