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Friday, August 19, 2011

copper country

None of us were ready to leave yesterday.  I was bummed we didn't plan for a couple more days.  The weather was ab fab.  I really felt so good with all that fresh air and sunshine and NO humidity.  This morning Suvi asked H if we could go back today.  She wanted to check on her sand castles and sand trains. 
Summer in the Copper Country is Da Pest, eh?
I don't think we quite got enough face time, so I'll be expecting you any day now, Ladies.


Anonymous said...

I wish i could say " we are on our wayyyyyy!" and tell Suvi that her train and castle are fine, I checked on them yesterday.....we wanted to see if you were really gone. Nan

Anonymous said...

Well, we wish we were still there when you checked! It's nice here today, tho, and I get to see another fancy lady sooooooon!

Anonymous said...

i wish we could spend a whole day garage saling----with Deanna! Ha ha. (You know how much she loves those things :)) -B

Brita said...

I'm truely bummed to have missed the night out. :(