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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

blaze; blah-zay

what do you do when you are feeling blahze about blogging?
first, i blog hop.
then, i change my template background.
lastly, i hit the hay, cuz morning comes early 'round these parts.

aaaaand...cut.  that's a wrap peeps.

i totally got tapped looking in the neighbor's window.  don't worry, it's the empty house, the new owners (who, poor things, had to pay cash for the place.) have been overhauling it by hiring many sorts of contractors.  in that sense, i can appreciate the inconvenience of having to contend with obnoxious "investment" owners.  granite counters in a pocket size kitchen? why not.  making the deck easily accessable from the kitchen & dining room by putting in a sliding/deck door? why would ya.  i'm pretty sure it's much better to walk half-way 'round the house to sit on your brand new deck.  (what?  i am NOT bitter)

um, we couldn't quite figure out what was shaking with this lady who crossed the road in front of us last week.  i love hancock.  you never know who you'll bump into.

and did i mention we were camping and that it was perfect?  it was.

i love this girl.  i love this photo.  i love her playful heart and her almost endless bounce.  this just might be my fave image of the summer.  or of any summer.  ever.


Anonymous said...

HAHA Gotta love Hancock and the people! btw I "knew" her!!! Love Suvi's jump and bounce. Nan

ethiopifinn said...

i still can't get over it. is that pregnancy?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I remember "her" from school. And If you think Hancock has characters----head north. All I can say is, Cal/Laurium----W.O.W.! (and 2 of them are my sisters.)


Laura said...

Look at the calves on that girl!

The picture captures her personality perfectly.

Gram said...

whoa ho ho. You made my day. I love the chick on main street!!
Also love that little one (Suvi, is it?) on the beach. Great photo.