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Monday, August 1, 2011

sweet little tootsie-wootsie

I didn't ask for permission to post this little lady's photo, so I won't show you her absolutely beautiful little face and perfect soft black hair, but trust me, she is so perfectly lovely.  She is 5 weeks old and her Mommy is a friend.  And seriously. Look at those perfect little leggies and precious lines on her ankles. The fresh babies are so easy to hold and love and want to smooch!

The diaper cover came from JitterBeans; it came with a hat, and I ordered a couple other things.  All really fun, soft, and so well made!   I need a new baby so I can have this hat in my collection:
What a HOOT!  (i borrowed the photo from her Etsy page)


Anonymous said...

Oh look at those little wrinkly feet! I miss that baby stage.


ethiopifinn said...

me too, and my baby is only 14 months. i have such a bad baby craving!!!