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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


when we started dating, H would watch tv with his shirt unbuttoned, and if it was really hot, - gasp! - off.  and he wore a gold necklace.  these things were painfully exotic and risque to me.  i could barely even look at him in that state of undress.  funny how things change.
we were out in public.  can you imagine?  the buttons are there to keep your shirt closed, dude, not to hang your fancy shades on.  teehee!  i didn't even notice until i started organizing this post.  my hubby.  quite the exhibitionist. (he hasn't been wearing the necklace lately, it's in his top drawer)

 i agree with judah's shirt.  his dad *is* rad.

this is the big news over here as of tuesday...we have a turtle.
  my theo, our sweetie pie first born darling stinkerdoodle got to bring a turtle home from the clinic yesterday.  he had a cold, and it turned into this...difficult breathing.  boo, i say.  our doc is not saying asthma, yet. (i have asthma) it could be coincidental, but today he had cottage cheese twice, coughing started a few minutes after he finished eating.  sigh. 
  i am thankful we have a pediatrician that we trust, that we have insurance, and that the nebulizer works.  the first treatment in the clinic was scary for theo, but it really made a big difference.  it was really humid yesterday, i had to carry him into the clinic, he just couldn't catch his breath.  he walked out on his own, holding his crackers and chocolate.  he had a second treatment before bed last night, and then again about 1:30 a.m.  i was nervous his new bunkbed was irritating his lungs, so i made him sleep in our bed.  he didn't need a treatment until 2:30 this afternoon.  improvement!  we'll go back to the clinic next week to check him over again.  for now, he's totally chipper and chatty and playing like usual.  atta boy!


mella said...


glad you were able to get Theo what he needed at the time, and hope that this incident was 'just' a culmination of too much of the other stuff at once.

here's to deep, calming, healthy breathing for all ~ with the occasional first kind of gasps ;)


MindiJo said...

Well. HHC.

I know. That's what I got out of it.

ethiopifinn said...


such a contrast to mella's heartfelt comment! lol.

thanks, melbs. xo

Anonymous said...

aw! What a brave boy! -jr

Tara said...

Ha ha, I'm with Mindi. HHC, you are definitely a card carrying member!!