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Sunday, September 11, 2011

good things

something good.  really, really good is happening over here.  i.am.so.happy.

i am not sure what it is about having my mother-in-law here, and h's sister, A...i love the feeling in the house.  and we have seen sister M so much more than usual in this last week.  M and I have become such good friends in the last couple of years.  i so enjoy her straight forward perspective on things, and i LOVE to make her laugh.  {joni, so many things about her remind me of you, and often i wish you lived near me (for many reasons), i think you would have fun with M, too.  she's your kind of people.  ( i miss you.  and when we talked on saturday, i was thinking it was sunday, so i hope you know i meant 'on monday' and not 'tomorrow' which was sunday. lol)} 
tomorrow is ethiopian new year, so with english phonetic spelling, i wish you melkam addis amet!
 መልካም   አዲስ ዓመት
we went to the girls' apartment for supper tonight.  my mom was invited, too.  it makes my heart beat joyfully that she is getting to know h's family.  it's like the weave of my life basket sturdying up.  like fingers lacing together.  and things are not perfect. 
we all had/have some adjusting to do around the VIP.  she's in need of a little bolstering, so i'm pretty much going to have to get 50-75% stricter with her. (wink)  you know, i love a little bump to get over and then to ponder on the construction of the bump, and why it was placed in this particular section of road, and then to plan how i will approach any sort of similar bump, should they appear on the path before me. 
A is just unbelievably sweet to her mom.  in the evenings she sits right next to her on the couch.  i like it.  she makes me smile every night.  and. during the day? oh my.  she does what ever she can to help her mom, too much, probably, while helping me with the kids, or just enjoying playing with them, as well as keeping the sink clear of any dirty dishes, which totally inspires me to stay on top of it.  no clutter, my friends, has collected this week.  my dining room buffet thing?  no piles.  laundry? done and done.  (oh my word. A's jeans are so tiny. 26. what is that? size one? and her shirts are XS.  i used kid hangers to hang them up!)  yesterday their relatives came over, h said A cleaned all day while i was at my niece's bridal shower (forgot my camera) and then at work.  kids toys, blankies, sweeping, straightening...busy, busy girl.
i'm no pollyanna. there are totally moments when i'm like, really? are you kidding me with this? they don't last long. family does, tho. last long, i mean. it's a good thing. super good.

i was wishing for a photo to post, alas, nothing new to share.  i thought i'd post from this month 2010.  look at these two cutie mccutersons.

and here they are again 11 months later.  at the same lake, different shores.

and because when i came upon it i laughed, this one is for you, bette-bette-better. xo!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy that you are having a great time with H's mom and sis. How sweet for your kids to know their granny. and the babies are adorable!!! Nan

Anonymous said...

This was a lovely post. So glad you're having an enjoyable time. I like your background pic, of the cups/spoons and stuff.
~ann b.

Anonymous said...

awwww! (for the post AND the seagull)


mella said...


love the weave and bump analogies - separately and inseparably...


elizabeth said...

this post made me feel all full somehow - full of happiness and sweetness and love.

Anonymous said...

I like the basket weaving/fingers lacing and such, makes life more full. After I realized I was on the same page as you were Sat, it was natural for me to know what you were referring to:). Living closer/laughing/M. all sounds fun to contemplate. Not a foreign (that word looks funny, but I can't fix it) indulgent thought trail for me:) Those coffee cups look familiar. ?
xo -jr