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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

last sprinklings of summer

It was hot yesterday. 
a cool drink
our star
with beautiful skin.  mud does that.

please, judey, don't eat rocks.
i tried a cloth diaper.  it sagged down a titch. just enough to show his darling crack attack.

it is pert near half september.  i'm glad summer is lingering at least one more day!  so many steamy days, but such a dreamy summer.  i heart camping, and we got to go TWICE! 

we are getting used to sleeping upstairs.  i put a couple boxes away last night, and organized all the bags and boxes of clothes and toys that we are not keeping.  i just had to at least move them out of the way, so we felt like we actually have a bedroom, and not a nest in the closet.  turned the bed, so our heads are to the north.  i like that.  north for my head please.  now the hub doesn't have to climb over a table or his bride to reach his pillow.  another thing, we had to switch sides initially, so i could be close to the baby monitor and get up to wrangler the chilluns who woke in the night.  we are on our proper spots again--i slept so much better!  (i'm on the right)  strange how that can make a difference .  aaaaanyhooo, the coffee cup is empty.  time to stretch and stroll on over to my awesome thermos which keeps the coffee hot for HOURS.

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oh man! i was going to tell you about the lump in my throat from last week.  theo started sunday school and tomorrow he is going to the pre/play-school with the other 4 year old's from church.  at teeny's.  when larissa told me it was from 9:30 to 11:45 i about lost my lunch.  i was feeling so feelingy about theo reaching this new stage...my BAAAAABY! is growing right up under my nose.  that's the plan from the beginning, but i love love love having him home with me and suvi will do this big kid thing next year.  what a royal rip off.  maybe it's time for us to get a doggie?  teehee.

***watch out.  give-away on the next post.  my 500th post.***


Anonymous said...

did you about lose your lunch because it's over 2 hours? or what. time flies. -jr

Jan said...

I love those black and white photos- I am a mud pie girl at heart.

Anonymous said...

judah with the wrinkled nose should be framed!


Anonymous said...

AND---I am waiting for post 500.

Anonymous said...

Theo is getting so big, for sure
~ann b.
(you can file this comment under "Profound comments Uttered by Ann")

Anonymous said...

once again...cute photos and cute kiddos! N