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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

kids don't care

you have to work in the morning?
kids don't care
you had a long day?
kids don't care
bills are adding up?

hair is greasy and messy?
kids don't care
clothes a little dated?
kids don't care
dustballs under the bed?
kids don't care

just stop.
just listen.
just ooh and aah.
just comfort and soothe.
just one more bedtime story.
from daddy.  who has to work in the morning.
the last few days have been pretty intense. theo and suvi are feeling a little bit unsure of our VIP.  she doesn't look the same as the photo we have of her, it's from a decade ago.  they can't talk to her, which they knew would be the case in advance, but they didn't quite get it, she speaks amharic.  suvi saved her hug and kiss until today.  theo gave his yesterday at the airport, and that might be it for a while.  he's having the hardest time adjusting.  i'm sure he'll ease in to life with Ayat soon.  judah LOVES Ayat because he can't speak much english either, they have that in common, and she shared her food with him.  more than once.  (he's easy.)

all of this PLUS mom and dad moved their bedroom upstairs.  that's a lot of change for this house.  so tonight, theo and suvi did not get to bed until 10:30 when daddy came back down to tuck them in one last time.  just a little extra snuggle and reassurance.  they finally fell asleep.  sweet daddy.

kids just want the comfort of their parents.  i had to call my mommy today for a little familiar comfort, too.  and to tell her about the yummy peach and raspberry dessert i made because of the one she told me about last week.  i shared a little story with her about the airport.  aunty A was watching for her mom; when she spotted Ayat come through the sliding doors to the baggage claim A started running.  she didn't care.  she needed her mommy!  it was so sweet.  i cry every time i remember it.  my mom did, too, when i relayed the story on the phone.  the camera was ready, but honestly, the sight of mother and daughter embracing, it was too emotional.  aunty A is relatively new here, just 10 months of MN under her belt.  all the newness, all the decisions and bumps in the road, it is overwhelming.  i couldn't take the picture with all the mist in my eyes, anyhow.  it will warm my heart for quite sometime, i'm sure, the image of their reunion.


Brita said...

Sweet post. I can relate so well to the kids being thrown off by family overnight company. I always think that the hardest part of having overnight guests is how my own kids act. What fun it would be if I didn't have the children needing extra TLC.

elizabeth said...

Atlas is always a little unsettled when there are guests here too.

That is so so sweet.

Enjoy your VIP!

Anonymous said...

Have never commented but have visited more than once (rude.huh.). Always feel a bit shy to make meself known for some reason. But just want to speak up today. Sweet post. I like your real-ness:) ENJOY the VIP!!! Amy (Koivi...)

Anonymous said...

enjoy your VIP, love hearing about it. -jr

Anonymous said...

FEELINGS! oh, whoa, whoa, FEELINGS!
~ann b.

mella said...

i have misty eyes reading this!

that is a lot of adjusting.
kids are great teachers...

Julie said...

So sweet! Enjoy your VIP. XOXO

Deanna said...

oh, I got tears in my eyes for the reunion...Moms are precious. I can totally picture myself running too!

Anonymous said...

I hear you... my older kids speak some sveedish, but the younger don't, they understand some of it, so there are sometimes confusion and frustration when trying to communicate.... A in C