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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

well, the house is clean.

except for the upstairs (and the basement).  i had to let go of getting the upstairs all figured out because we did some deeeeeep cleaning.  (slash, ran out of time) mj (my ma) even pulled out the fine wood cleaner to get the yogurt and pudding off the dresser in my living room.  she don't mess around. 

my lofah and i tossed quite a bit of crapola out during the prep for our VIP. switched out the UGLY old bathroom light fixture.  even painted our living room.

we did the east wall somewhere between these two photos.  behr magic spell.  and a cream color on the other walls.  sweeet.  no more suvi artwork-for a few days, until she finds the crayons again.  or a marker.  she's flexible in her graffiti.  also, she likes to fluff.  that's what she calls it when she uses the swiffer duster.  as in "mama, can *i* fluff?  i want to fluff now."  yes, my love, you can fluff.

there's a new rug in the living room.  it's an indoor/outdoor, not too scratchy!  i was taking a photo of the old rug to maybe put on craig's list, and these two kept darting in front of the camera.  had to indulge them.  stinkers!!!

 i scrubbed that shower at least five times since we moved in. ;) i tried scrubbing bubbles, lysol, baking soda, vinegar, regular old lime away, boomtastic, fantastic...nothing would budge the build-up. 
eew.  was it really as bad as this picture? ish.

 until...clr BATH and KITCHEN.  dude.  it is a strong chemical, but it totally changed my life.  seriously. because, five years we've been here, and i've hated this shower every time i have stepped in it.
this week i worked on the walls an hour or so at a time.  last night h's sis helped me by scrubbing the tub. we used this scrubby thing.  soooo much better.  i love it.  i was sweating scrubbing the shower walls and she was right there in the tub with me workin' it. 

before finishing the shower, tho, Auntie A watched the kiddos and Husband H took me on a date.  we drove to Smashburger, vetoed it even tho i have a groupon for the place, even tho the food is pret.ty yummy.  wasn't in the mood for that kind of chairs.  as if you aren't that picky. sheesh.  considered heading out to plywood for a little wild wings action, but we *might* have been there the night before with the kids.  what.  it was a holiday weekend.  practically vacation.  waiting at the stop light on winnetka and 55 still debating where to eat...when the light changed...friday's.  i know.  we are all about the chain restaurants.  i like predictable sometimes, because the rest of life surely is not.  :) and yes, ann, i did get a burger and fries. there was avacado.  does that count for some variety? heh.

auntie A and her sis always help me so much over here...they don't read my blog, but THANKS A & M!!! (not the university)  there were some finishing touches to be done around here today and then...
about 4:00 our VIP landed.  h's mother! it's been 4 years since they have seen each other.  i couldn't help but tear up.  all day.
it is a wickedly long trip, 23 hours of travel time. today is the first time the kids and i have been able to see her.  i am so so so happy she is here.  one teeny problem: we don't speak a common language.  
berlitz should add an amharic lesson to their language tapes. (oh, wait. they do have lessons available  i meant to say rosetta stone.) for ME.  what a wonderful Monday!!!!


Anonymous said...

but! did you also have a Coke?
man, that shower is SPARKLING!
~ann b.

ethiopifinn said...

i didn't have pop! it was a proud, proud moment.

MindiJo said...

Ooh, enjoy the VIP! She looks beautiful. You should share more picture of her. I can just see the emotion oozing out of that picture of the HH and his mom. It makes me misty-eyed. Also, I can understand your crush. I almost have one on him, too. Almost.

Ha! How am I to sparkle my house as much as you did?! I also painted, fyi. I'm loving my house more than I ever have.

Avocado makes anything perfect. Anything. Almost.

mella said...

lovely jubbly! ♥

Anonymous said...

Keep us posted on your VIP. I love the mother/son emotion in that picture.

AND---I need you to come do MY shower for MY VIP. I'll let you know when to come.


Emily said...

What a special reunion! Enjoy! Your pic of you main man is blow up material.

Anonymous said...

impressive. all of it:) -jr