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Friday, September 2, 2011

well, that shower is not going to clean itself.

As per yuge (usual?), I am shirking my plans of attacking this house.  It's like that paralysis I mentioned a while back: it's as if the anticipation of the task steps on my chest and won't let me up.  Ooh.  And then, a foggy, boggy net encapsulates my brain, so thinking even becomes near impossible.  And then a huge vat of glue pours itself on my backside, so that when I sit in order to muster some gumption to start or continue my POA (plan of action) or IA (intended agenda), my butt is stuck to the chair.  It must be Gorilla Glue.  They are always bragging how much stickabilty is has.  Today, I'm not in labor, about to squeeze a VW through a tunnel the size of a manicotti, or laboring over a paper about the darkness of scandinavian literature.  I have to finish cleaning my house in prep for our aforementioned VIP

Now I get why people like to keep things organized and tidy.  Less angst.
part of the switcheroo mess...


Jan said...

I am waiting for the floors to sweep themselves. It hasn't happened yet. And you wouldn't believe me if I said they did.

mella said...

aaargh that gorilla glue and arrrgh those non self-cleaning showers!

wish i could be there to squirt some goo-gone on yer arse :)


elizabeth said...

Well .. I must confess that I am organized and tidy, and there is angst in that too. I worry that I am so organized and tidy that people will not feel at home and think they need to keep things as organized and tidy as I keep them. Sheesh. Clearly our minds do not give us a break on either end of the spectrum. ;)

ethiopifinn said...

e- it would feel really nice to sit in a clutter-free zone for a spell. it wouldn't be anything but welcoming for me!

melbs, bet you never thought you'd say, you wish you could squirt goo-gone on my arse. bwahahahahahaa!

oh jan. i would TOTALLY believe it if you told me. don't you remember that cobbler who woke up to all his work completed? those little elves MUST be real. and the shower is still waiting for them to arrive.