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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

das wassup

i finished going through kristin and mark's photos on saturday.  i miss them. ;)
this is the bride with her sibs. xo
they used to all have the same initials: kj.  now the girls are ke and ko, but the suffix is the same. 'son. 
oooh.  i am just remembering when they were little and i was a teenager and they were so cute.  they'd run laps livingroom-middle room-kitchen when i was babysitting and trying to herd them into their room.  stinkers. ko is expecting her first baby; girl, what goes around comes around!!
sigh.  oh how i love mari's kids.  adult kids. ;)

last week theo's preschoolers had a trip to an orchard.  'course, his mom was hetta that morning, and in so doing, delivered him too late to go on the wagon ride with all the other cutie pies.  we enjoyed checking things out, starting with the chicks.  and then the pumpkins. and the cows.

and since we brought our snack, we ate it before we headed back home to get our vip her lunch.

recently we brought h's mom to the beach...these are from my phone, i love-love-love the beach.


Brita said...

<3 I hate that your missed the wagon ride, but good recover. And sweet pictures of the family at the beach. And nice wedding shots!

Anonymous said...

Those kids were so cute when they were little stinkers - I remember that too:) And aren't they still! Love the pics -jr

elizabeth said...

It's fun to remember people when they were little, even if you are now not allowed to refer to them as little even if they are littler than you, which seems like a lifetime pass to refer to them as little, if you ask me. :)

ethiopifinn said...