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Friday, October 14, 2011

why DID the chicken cross the road?

to show the raccoon it COULD be done.
(ba-dum dum)

  • today's banana bread is okay, but it got a little "done" on the ends and edges.
  • i remember not liking coffee breath on adults when i was a kid
  • suvi just told me my breath is gross
  • nothing like the honesty of a daughter
  • the last few days i felt like i was edging closer to the brink than i like to be
  • last night i cried on my husband's shoulder
  • today my mom watched the kids and the vip so i could run to use my finnstyle groupon before it expired
  • i love marimekko
  • and aarikka
  • why don't all banana bread recipes call for 3 bananas
  • 2 bananas is not banana-y enough for me
  • i nearly fired a client this week
  • either i got over it, or chickened out--not sure yet
  • pretty sure i'm not over it
  • i just brushed my teeth so my client won't have to suffer as suvi did
  • my clients don't realize how much work it is to be the fabulousness that i am
  • it's better if there is a little mystery and magic surrounding your hairdresser
  • especially if i am your hairdresser
  • sometimes it's okay to say hair stylist, like all the time, but please, not beautician
  • the vip is vocalizing
  • that's what i call it when i know she is talking, and to me, but i have no clue what she is saying
  • i finally finished reading the glass castle at 12:37 this morning
  • i'm really glad i don't have to sleep under a tarp because of the leaky roof/glad our roof isn't leaky
  • i'll get back to cutting for stone tonight
  • back in the day it was common for me to be reading two books, going for one over the other depending on my mood
  • i enjoyed having options for my reading
  • maybe part of the reason i had two books started is i couldn't find one book or the other at any one time, so i read whichever book i could locate
  • i have been using one of those little led touch puck lights to read in bed
  • theo is sick, we've been using his neb a few times yesterday and today
  • when he was napping yesterday suvi built him a little tower, she told habtamu it would make theo feel better.
  • so sweet! too bad he knocked it down immediately upon waking
  • off to bed, sleep helps to ward off the quick sand of tired.  ever notice that? get good rest, not tired in the morning.  really an amazing correlation!


Anonymous said...

I read the glass castle - great! I need two of those puck lights, one for each of the beds I might happen to be in. M. can't knock those to the floor repeatedly leaving me lightless...thanks for the reminder:) -jr

JodiR said...

I have doubled the bananas with good results.

elizabeth said...

I saw that book somewhere and meant to add it to my to-read-someday list. Cutting for Stone, that is. I've read the other one.

I am always in the middle of many books. I like having options. Unless it is exceptionally exceptionally good (like Name of the Wind) or a good and quick read (most self-help, I read that like it's fun chick lit, LOL), I like to alternate between what I'm reading.

There are lots of bananas in my freezer! You are welcome to them. I am always tossing them in, optimistic that I will use them to make banana bread, and then have to throw them out eventually when they start to overflow. ;)