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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


judah adores theo.

i was a little sad with both of these haircuts. it was judey's first cut. 16 months old, my little baby boy!!! and my suvi. oh suvi, mommy loves your hair so long and beautiful!!!! but she just could not take the brushing after her bath. there was too much screaming for too long, not to mention the complaints from suvi ;) her hair is much easier to manage now, and still so cute. my dolly girl!

theo got to go to his first friend birthday party. his class is turning five. that is the birthday boy in front of the window. his mom planned such a cute party for him! (his mom, by the way, grew up on the other side of the hill from me, and her name rhymes with schmemily) that's the birthday boy's cousin (char's) slugging the orange crush. his mom doesn't have pop at home ;) my cheeks hurt from smiling at this party. i hung around because theo burst into tears when i mentioned i could run to target and come back, and because schmemily lives in a land far, far away. if you go any further on the highway that leads to her town, you'll literally run into buffalo. that's how far west they live. i'm pretty sure they even say 'howdy, pa'dner' and 'reckon' in that area of the country.
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mella said...

that pic of the brothers is beyond lovely. the comfort with each other in their roles of big 'n li'l really shines through :)
and i believe for similar reasons as suvi's mama, i spent much of my childhood years in a pixie... and i had nowhere's near as much 'arrrr!

Anonymous said...

cute! -jr

elizabeth said...

Wow. Buffalo. That is far. ;-)

Howdy there, pa'dner! I reckon I'd better practice the local lingo, just in case I ever make it that far west. I'd like to see me this Buffalo.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh! I miss my computer! and I miss you, girl!