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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

hold on for one more day!

break free, break from the chains.  I'm sorry for the Wilson Philips reference, but it is a song that stays with me.  Whenever I hear it or think of it I remember sitting on Mari and Tim's blue couch listening to the entire cd.  Late 80's, early 90's.  I spent a lot of time at their house: "babysitting," napping, mooching, doing my laundry, picking on the kids... one time i had my clothes on the line and Kevin shot up my clothes with a bb gun.  there were tons of divots in my fave lime green gap cardigan.   AAAAnyhoo, it's rather gray and chilly here today, so I am looking back to the sunshine of one month ago at the arboretum.  And I will hold on to the memory for one more day.     There's another 'holding on' song that bounces around the old noggin' quite often...it's from The Cat in the Hat on PBS.  "holding on, holding on, you'll never get me off cuz i'm holDING ONNNN!" 

There are other kinds of 'hold on' that are less happy.  The kind of 'hold on' you say over the phone when you have to shush the kids or grab a pen.  Or the kind that really means 'not now.'  How about the 'hold on' we use when we really want to exclaim, "Wait. WHAT!?"  At this moment, I'm sweeping the baditude hold ons under the rug, or shaking them off the rug out on the rug-beating thing with that big rug swatter.  And I am warming my back in the sunshine and my eyes in the flowers.  This day feels good and right and warm, and i am happy to hold on to it.  I'll hold on to the three and four year olds who drew masks on their faces with markers-for the second day in a row.  I'll hold on to my 18 month old who's a little under the weather, and pretty snuggley.  He's waking up from his nap.  I'll hold on to the happy little break I took online just now.  Hold on for one more day!


MindiJo said...

Bridesmaids lately? Or what?

Love this. And those cute little stinkers and their masks.

MindiJo said...

I was going to tell you- maybe you should let them play with the Halloween clothes until they get it out of their systems. But then again, they might just HOLD ON to the fun-ness of the masks and take even longer to break away from it.

ethiopifinn said...

Bridesmaids purchased, but not viewed yet...i am guessing i have some familiar tunage to look forward to!

theo is planning his next year's costume. it changes every day. yesterday he was planning to be a spooky guy, now he thinks he'd like to be a robot. he has 355 days to decide.

elizabeth said...

I was trying to remember if/how Wilson Phillips was in Bridesmaids but it just hit me. I still like that song. I am holding onto our fall. This is the best November in record, I think (and by record, I mean in the 5 years I've been here) - I am loving it.