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Friday, November 25, 2011

thankee thanks.

it was such a be.a.utiful day yesterday (today, too, actually).  M.I.L.D.  and the family gathering out there in montrose was tres relaxing for me.  judah took a nice nap in mari's quiet basement.  i wished i could climb in that pack-n-play with him. 

AAAAAAnyhoo...  I keep thinking today is Monday.  And from about 6:30A.M. I had a strong urge to go to Target.  It was 10:30 before I caved and went, kids in tow.  Guess what?  They were nearly perfect in the behaviour department.  It was worrisome, we got a sweet parking space, kids acted appropriately, I found a $5 coupon in my wallet, and then a $5 gift card from last week, and it's balmy outside.  When is the other shoe going to drop, I ask you. ;)  It's been a nice day.  Nicey, nicety, nice-nice.  Happy sighs.
I am just so thrilled that Theo is now interested in drawing.  He was drawing Thomas the Tank Engine, with his coaches, Annie and Clarabel.

seriously.  i love her scary monster face.

we picked up ayat from the rele's and approached the downtown from the south.  i like my little city.  she's adorbs. ;)

I had to go with the extra large photo here so you could take a good look at that goofball nephew of mine.  He's raising money for prostate cancer and men's health.  With that mustache.  It kept freaking me out yesterday, and I told him that I'll be glad when Movember is OVER.  Uncle Rico?  I wanted a photo of Bergen and her happy parents...that mustache must be affecting your decision making, Kev.

I wanted to get a family pic, but the kids were not so fired up on my idea.  Addis came with us, but Ayat was back with the rele's.

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lovely all around. -jr