LOVE has come for you.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am not even kidding you.

When a door closes, somewhere God opens a window.
Like usual, money has been a little fluttery around here. Lightly coming into reach, then being sucked immediately out to some depths of darkness and general suckage. And, of course, sighs get heavy, numbers get crunched, computers fall ill, along with the children, prayers are mumbled. Then, as usual, PRAYERS ARE ANSWERED. This keeps happening, this answered prayer phenomena, and it continues to amaze me.
My cup, my dear friends, runneth o'er. Sometimes I begin to panic and feel as though darkness is surrounding me, so I curl up into myself. Quietly, slowly, I realize that the earth is not shaking, I am not falling, or slip-sliding away. No! I am safe in the loving arms of all that is blessed. Blessed.
PTL, and thank you for another year of stumbles and saves. Oh! My sweetie-pies, sassyfrasses, honest abes, baby mommas, hot to trots, crying sobbing sighing laughing friends! I love you the most!
Lets skip our way into 2012, and I am not even kidding you, totally rock it out & show it who da boss. Peace!


Anonymous said...

I love to hear it! sigh:) -jr

MindiJo said...

Amen, sista.

elizabeth said...

Sing it!

Happy merry 2012 to all of us!