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Sunday, January 1, 2012

we tooted at 8 o'clock

are you kidding me?  ooh! cute even when he's irritated by the happy new year horns!

Happy New Year!

wishing you fun, early in this the new year, 2012!


MindiJo said...

So cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year! Looks like a rockin celebration:) -jr

Anonymous said...

blowing a horn is always a good time....happy new year tamirus!
~ann b.

ethiopifinn said...

ann, you know i love all that tooting.

joni, i got your message. yes, we have new wall color, and pulled down the faded red curtains and switched these in from our former bedroom, which is now t & suv's room with dark green ugly-but-don't-let-the-light-in curtains from mom's mpls house. ;) oh, the purpley blue is just on the one, front wall. sort of a buttery color, just a bit softer than the former pale yellow on the other walls.