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Monday, January 2, 2012

16 years ago, I was already a seasoned traveler. (or so i thought)

I have mentioned that I made a study abroad trip when I was a girl of twenty.  I mean, who DOESN'T want to live in a castle!? Right?  That little cutie pie down there, hanging on to the swing set sure does.  She departs in a couple days for her own version of the Alnwick experience.  I saw her for a few minutes yesterday.  I'd planned on seeing her for a couple hours, but it took me FOREVER to make that card.  I'm glad I got to give her a squeeze and hopefully a few reassuring words (she got a little teary) and to say, "Bon Voyage!"


Anonymous said...

what a beautiful card! creative and message-wise:) following in anties footsteps! how adventurous -jr

Jan said...

have fun, Hannah!! It will be so fun for you, Jenny, to hear her stories and see her photos. Will she be blogging?

MindiJo said...

Safe travels, Hannah! Make some beautiful memories.

MindiJo said...

Oh, how I l0ve those words. It wasn't letting me see your image the first time I looked. But now I can. You are perfect, JT.

ethiopifinn said...

mindi, i resized the photo, i was having troubles, too. she was a little nervous when she first arrived, but she's taking and posting pics on fb, so i hope that means she is starting to get into adventure mode!
jan, i am already drooling over her photos and so wishing i was there, too :)