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Sunday, December 18, 2011

i'm waving!!

want to bodify your long locks? 
ask for a dry cut (go with clean, dry hair, without a lot of product.  your stylist will see how you usually wear your hear, and no spray or heavy product so she can cut your hair and protect her shears). 
kristin wanted to keep her hair long, but found her long layers were still too heavy to style her hair easily.  we took about an inch off her length by point cutting.  there maybe other terms for this method: it is not a horizontal blunt cut, it is a vertical cut all along the perimeter of your hair (the ends/outlines).  a razor cut would give a similar effect, but is more comfortable on wet hair. 
the goal is to avoid a heavy, straight, blunt look at your ends.

i misted her hair with spray from prodesign, then we added some soft waves with this iron by hot tools.
it doesn't have a spring or flapper.  you just {carefully} wrap the hair around the wand, holding the ends. 
kristin came in with a bit of curling iron waves in her ends.  you can see how the wand makes the soft curl possible closer to the scalp.  just be sure your hair is completely dry.  you don't have to blow dry your hair, but make sure you have not a bit of damp left in your locks, or it wont work.  at all.  you can do a similar look with shorter hair, of course! 

need to see it done first hand?  make an appointment with me!  mention the "i'm waving" post, and get 25% off.  need to know where to go?  leave a comment or email me for the info.


Anonymous said...

I love it. I have similar hair, I think, a LOT of it, heavy curls. What exactly is the benefit of the wand you used, as opposed to the traditional wand w/the flapper? -jr

Anonymous said...

soft curl, closer to the scalp? I can't quite get ahold of it...-jr

Anonymous said...

I promise a GIGANTIC tip if you come to me and cut my hair! Pleeease?


(I am online for the nest coupla days while borrowing my moms laptop)

Anonymous said...

( I meant NEXT.)

elizabeth said...

Huh. I might need one of those no-flapper things. I like the idea of a light curl that starts higher up than mine usually does. To be sure, my curl falls out in a minute or so, but still .. for that minute, it would be nice.

ethiopifinn said...

jr- a traditional curling iron tends to give a more tube-like curl. nice, but less natural looking. also, it's difficult to get movement/body higher up the hair with a regular iron, because the hair at the end gets most of the heat.
b. i.wish.

Anonymous said...

wow, she has great hair!
~ann b.

Anonymous said...

I guess I should be more traditinal and style my hair after a wash instead of sleeping on it (to cut down the frizz) first and then trying to tame wild curls w/wand w/flapper. I'd like to give that one a try:) -jr

Julie said...

Wow! That is a gorgeous piece of work there you did!