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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

the program and the handfull

This is Theo's first year in Sunday School.  Last Sunday was the Christmas Program.  When the preschoolers lined-up across the stage Theo and a few others ended up making a second row behind the first.  I couldn't see if he was saying his piece; when I asked him whether he said it, the quick answer was, "Of course I did."  Oh.  Well.  Pardon me!

Yesterday was his birthday.  He's 5.  A whole hand-full now.  YIKERS!!!

The birthday boy's sister liked what I had done with his photo & requested a fun one of her, too.  Here it is, Suvi-girl!  (who has been under the weather the last few days.  today too, but she is perking up and playing this morning.)

I have been having a bit of a personal struggle lately.  My intellect and my heart wanting to part ways.  Something dark wanting to get ahold of my hand to lead me astray.  I had been feeling so cold.  I've never experienced this kind of doubt, and I was troubled about it.  MOE's wife took one look at me in the salon last week and knew I was in rough shape.  She mentioned it to MOE and the next day I told MOE I needed a dose of Paulette.  Thursday night we had a meeting; she asked the question I knew she would, a question to which my tongue freezes out any sort of answer.  "What do you want?"  The fear and the hesitation of answering that question are a mystery to me.  What DO I want?  What do I WANT? What do *I* want?  WHAT do I want?  Ah, who knows.  I think the meeting just started chipping away the ice from my heart.  And during the Christmas Program, it melted.  Hearing the sweet message and the Christmas story told by such earnest and unburdened children...it is true.  Our prayers are heard.  Our prayers our answered.  The flock is tended, even this wiley, woolly sheep that wanders is sought and fed and warmed by the Shepherd and His Fold.  Joy to the world, the Lord is come!

Wishing you peace and joy as you prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ Jesus, carried with grace and hope in the fulfilment of a most perfect promise.  Happy Christmas!


Heli said...

Onnea Theolle!:)

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas dear Jenny:) I'm so glad you posted the pics of the program, even my heart is warmed just seeing and hearing about it. (love the notes on the first one, got a good chuckle - and it's so fun to pick some out in the crowd and KNOW who's they are:) -jr

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas dear Jenny:) I'm so glad you posted the pics of the program, even my heart is warmed just seeing and hearing about it. (love the notes on the first one, got a good chuckle - and it's so fun to pick some out in the crowd and KNOW who's they are:) -jr

Sharyn said...

hey! my hub's uncle!
You make me smile!

That ice is so quick to form some times, and it takes us by such surprise. I can never understand how it can come, for instance, when it's warm out. But that's just the way it is and has always been. I'm grateful that you have a Paulette.

Leanne said...

Wishing *you a calm and peaceful Christmas, my dear. Whatever you do, wherever you go, may the love and joy of the season follow you. That is my greatest wish.

Jan said...

'tis the season, I think- I had a meltdown today. Days are short, stress is high, and I really want to make Christmas a special time for my dear children.
Unfortunately, I pile too much on me. At least after the meltdown, we all (me and kids) had a good cry, then read a whole Christmas themed chapter book, with a break for eggnog and chocolate and salt in the middle.
But the struggle is scary. Even though, or because, I have been through it so many times.
And I am suspecting my hubby is having his own issues- who is supposed to support who? He just doesn't talk about it.
Honestly, I am ready to be done with Christmas. So humbug, I know.

Jan said...

Okay, I just reread your post, and realize that I went off on a tangent about myself, not neccessarily the same stuff you are going through.
I am just talking about depression in general.
I am just being selffy here. But I get what you are saying too.
And you get another Kissmas for that.

elizabeth said...

What do I want *is* a hard question.

I'm glad you have a Paulette.

Wishing you peace and love and joy - this Christmas and always.


Anonymous said...

glad the ice can melt. springtime at the start of winter, right?
loved this post.
~ann b.

MindiJo said...

Thank heaven for Paulette.

I'm glad the ice melted. I like you and your warm heart.
You aren't the only one who's dealt with ice. And you won't be the last.

I can't wait until I'm chatting with you in your salon chair or whatever kind of chair it is! YAY!

ethiopifinn said...

Our computer is virus-stricken. I am checking in from h's phone. It's good to have a paulette, and even better to have a y'all!
And jan, I think it's tied together. Btw, my mom came to save the day today, as there was a yeller in the house, and i'm not talking color.
Happy merry! Peace & love!
Ethiopijenn. XO

Gram said...

Ahhh,yes ,thank you! I see my Brittni (it's Brittni BARBARA by the way) and also smiled when I found s & a's KAYLA next to B & J ,s JAEDON. Katie & Chads shoulda been there somewhere also. We had big plans to come there for a short weekend & enjoy it LIVE. weather here changed the plan. It was great that you shared. I understand about the cold feelings. My heart is often like stone. continuing to just GO There even then helps me. HE knows our struggles as HE knows every hair that falls from our head. Ha. A fitting example for a hair stylist person. :)

Julie said...

Love to you. Hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas!