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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

taking stock

it is important to do a quick stock check on the tp before you sit down.  i do a little cheer when i replace the roll before getting myself in any sort of predicament.
also, give a little look-see in any plastic bags from the back seat of the car.  it might not be trash; it might be the christmas cards you wrote out with special notes to your loved and dear one's with an international address.
if your daughter asks for soup, get a preference out of her before you get underway.  sometimes she is really asking for great northern beans!


Anonymous said...

great tips that create some vivid pictures...-jr

MindiJo said...

Oh, shoot. Thanks for the tips, though. I'll try to remember them.

So, we're all wondering: Did you go dumpster diving for the cards?

elizabeth said...

Speaking of TP .. the last time I forgot to take stock, I was down to one single square and I promised that I would stop on the way home to get some. I got home - after forgetting, of course, to find that the one square was gone. And the dog-sitter let Atlas out that day. I was so mortified, thinking about what if she had to use the bathroom and use that one square! Oh, the horror. And then, of course, I was out. I have decided that the definition of abundance = an abundance of toilet paper to avoid such disasters.