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Monday, December 12, 2011

out of the dark and twisty!

  • first, thank you julie, for the awesome words.
  • second, the kids and i are going for a walk, because my gps is pointing that way to get out of the dark and twisty.
  • thirdly, i was talking to theo, he was standing in front of me as i am seated in a chair, when judah came over to me in his adorable babyness saying "mama, mama..." with outstretched arms.  i picked him up and kissed his sweet little face and theo said accusingly, "you love judah more than ME! i don't love you, i don't love suvi, i don't love judah and not even myself."  i grabbed him and said, rather shouted, "NEVERRRRRR!  it's just that judah is a baby."  i squeezed theo and said, "i love you all just the same."  oh sweet love.
  • my fourth point this morning, i like getting real and getting with it.  but it is HARD.  it's not easy to tell your friends you can't go out for the birthday lunch because you are b.r.o.k.e.  but i like being honest.  sometimes.  heh. 
  • okay, i really better stop now, or i'll type my way out of a walk.


MindiJo said...

I like you.

I don't know what else to tell you.

Jan said...

honest if good.

Julie said...

What Mindi said. :D