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Friday, December 9, 2011

a soft place to land

When I asked Judah if he wanted to take a nap, he replied with an affirmative head nod and his standard uh-huh.  We located his beebee (blanket) and made our way up the steps.  He ran right over to his crib and started sucking his thumb.  Most days he looks around the room for a couple of minutes before he is ready to snuggle into his covers.  He has been up there for about 15 minutes now, and we just heard "HEY!" coming from his direction.  I am not joking when I say that EVERYTHING he does is adorable.  Everything.  Except for get up in the night.  That one thing is hard to see the beauty in.  Suvi woke up every night until she was about 2, but I was able to take at least a 20 minute nap nearly every day.  Perhaps I shall plug Theo and Suvi in, and see what I can do about warming up the couch.  It's the PBS fund drive...shoot.  Nigh-nigh.
p.s. we're looking at 2 weeks til Christmas.  how does this happen!  time to make the ice candles...after my dreamland-ing.

i would like to snuggle under this quilt from this shop.
click on the photos to see more delightful items & to dream and plan and shop.

and then i could be wearing these slippers from Back40Beauty.

and i'd like to have a couple of these pillows on the couch, too.
and sip something warm with this mug from RachelAwes.


Anonymous said...

I would be all over, or rather under, that quilt!
~ann b.

Julie said...

I'm all for plugging kids into PBS for extra zzz's...

elizabeth said...

Atlas is on another streak of 2-3 between midnight-6am potty runs that are clearly not a necessity, so I feel you on the sleep thing.