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Thursday, December 1, 2011

things i didn't know.

um, kids? (by kids i mean you there, with your coffee and your bagel/muffin/banana, not my children)  i did not know just how long it takes a turkey to thaw.  dang.  i made one other turkey in my wife life, and it must not have been frozen.  so lets us hope this bird is ready to go by supper time on saturday.

if you want to make the mil happy, take.her.picture.  not kidding.  she is just giddy that we had a little time to take her photo today.  i did her hair, she lined her eyes (her lashes are pretty much gone, no one tells me why.  do they know? those kids of hers?), put on her new duds, and posed in the dining room.  it took her so long to get ready... well. actually, to START getting ready, that my favorite sunlight time in the dining room had passed, but it was still the best lizight in the hizouse. hollah!

airbrushing is fun.

i don't know why we americanos like to cheez it up in photos, but it is not the norm in e-hope-ia (as theo says it), the photographed tend to have a straight face.  this just would not do for the mil portrait, so i called in the heavy hitters.  'THEO! SUVI! COME MAKE AYAT LAUGH!!'  and so they did.  good kids.

my mil really closes her eyes when she laughs.  who knew?!
tickle, tickle!

suvi LOVES to take photos...she is using my phone here, since her pos camera she got for Christmas last year is broken ;)  i just love her concentration!!


Anonymous said...

Cute profile pic Jen:) and I love Suvi looking all professional.

MindiJo said...

Ahhh. Your MIL is so lucky to have you as a DIL.

mella said...

such joy all around!
love this.
and good luck with the dinner tomorrow :)

Anonymous said...

cute. CUTE. -jr