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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

like white

on Rice Park in Saint Pauli.  We did a drive-by on Sunday night to look at the pretty lights.

I like this Angel tooting his horn.  He's got a good message, it's about THE best birthday.  Ever.

Rice Park is in front of the Landmark Center (i have no idea what is special about the Landmark Center, i've just always heard about it because it lives in the Capitol of Minnesota, and that's from here. wink.).

it's a good lookin' building, tho.  and i like the clock up there.

theo and suvi and addis are at the foot of this tree.  you can see t's red jacket.  these photos are sooc.  maybe i'll play around with them a bit...

Wishing you a light and bright Thursday, yo!


Anonymous said...

Christmas lights! I love it, beautiful. -jr

Laura said...

I love so much about you my Jen Jen!