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Monday, January 9, 2012

i love store box

that's the way theo pronounces that big chain coffee shop from seattle.  too funny.  i really like caribou better, but i can certainly find myself enjoying something from store box.  like a chai latte.  and when i asked for something with ginger, the guy pointed to the ginger bread.  if you follow that link, you'll find that the calories in my tasty bakery indulgence number four hundred and forty.  i'm sorry to be so crass, but what the ford fairmont?!  add the 240 for the "tea" and i consumed 680 calories in the blink of a cash register.  wow.
But (that should probably be BUTT), i did enjoy it.  when i got home from the drug store (the real reason i was out, with a side trip to the calorie shop across the street) i made some peppermint tea.
it is all helping with the stuffy head: peppermint, ginger, cardamom and clove.  sigh.

plus, how funny is it that i soaked up every second of my trip to get the scripts switched over to the new drug store as a 'mom gets out' kind of trip.  it took about an hour; it was delightful.  while i was free to think uninterrupted, i made a plan to ditch the kids this weekend or next.  we'll ship them out to mari's.  hopefully, gram will go as a chaperone.  i decided that just because my husband doesn't have as big a need for breaks as i do, doesn't mean we shouldn't make some time to spend together, just us sugar boogers.  i want breaks.  can i get by without them? yes.  i will make it a priority, so neither of us gets to that overwhelmed/exhausted state as often.  well, maybe, so quickly.


Anonymous said...

ship em off and stay at home. my favorite. make it happen! -jr

Laura said...

I like Caribou better too.
I love chai lattes.
I love breaks.

Julie said...

Funny- we're shipping our kiddos off this very weekend. We may venture out one evening but otherwise, we're staying put.

I'm with you on Caribou vs. Starbucks. Caribous wins!

elizabeth said...

Caribou wins. Every time I try another coffee place, I realize that it's really not that I don't like the taste of coffee, it's mostly that I don't like the taste of Stbx coffee. ;)

I hope you get the perfectest of breaks!

ethiopifinn said...

caribou wins, breaks win, we all win for weekends!