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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

six and 0

trying and trying to get a photo of the kids in their Christmas clothes. aaaaand... forget about it.  i especially enjoy the bottom middle pic of judey.  he wanted to run around the yard.  did you notice his jeans are unsnapped in the first three?  suvi was determined to show off her drawings.  that is theo's photo smile.  he feels like he is really smiling big and happy.  these three make me laugh!  first i get crabby, then i laugh.


Laura said...

I love how Theo's expression doesn't change while chaos surrounds him.

These are great photos - especially seeing them all together like this!

Brita said...

Ditto Laura's thoughts. Hilarious how Theo stays the same. It'd be a great collage for the wall..

Anonymous said...

I get to skip crabby and go straight to laughing. These are great! -jr

Tara said...

Darling pictures!