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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lights of Excellence

What a great in-salon work week. New friends, a decade+ friend...ah, how these friends make me smile. We have been enjoying the twinkly lights in the salon. Last week the tree decorations came down, and I suppose the tree will be next. The icicle lights on the walls will stay. They add to the ambiance. My friends, oh loverlies, are indeed the brightest lights (at the mark) of excellence.


Jan said...

I like that tree. Is it metal?

ethiopifinn said...

it is metal. it is pre-lit, but the lights do not work, so mark just added a string or two. it's nice because it doesn't block the window light as a green tree would :)

Anonymous said...


elizabeth said...

Yes, I very much loved those dangling lights in your photo of friends at salon. I was thinking they would be lovely year-round. Yay!