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Sunday, January 15, 2012

it's all over

we were on a 21 hour date.
in that time we managed to eat out twice, do massive amounts of laundry (sorted out h's clothes--lots to donate), watch football, a movie {gran torino}, read, sleep for 8+ hours, and generally enjoy each other's company.  yeeehaaaw!
to top it off, it has been a very sunny day & it was 41 degrees when we drove through d e l a n o on our way home from sister mari's/the babysitters.  so good.
we are both tired today-like my body is punishing me for not getting good sleep for so long.  
    oh yeah? you want to tease me with one night of good sleep?  hah.  i. want. more. ;)

it's getting closer to the start of the week, i hope to... 
  • finish cleaning our upstairs
  • cut out the fabric for the purse i am imagining
  • eat lots of salad and fruit
  • sleep more solid chunks of sleep
  • finish addressing the cards to my clients


Julie said...

Ah. How nice to get some alone time for you and your husband! You both look relaxed. And in love. :)

I loved the movie Gran Torino!

elizabeth said...

You look relaxed and happy. That makes me happy. I am so happy you got your alone time!

Anonymous said...

not enough to rejuvinate? In my mind I'm picking you up for a joint visit to a spa resort, for a week. I think that 'may' send my undereye shadows byebye. and then we'll really be on our game. -jr