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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

it's all good

ya.  well, good is good. or is it?

i was talking to a good friend today (more on that later) who said something along the lines of "you are a good mom."  immediately, i was all, "no.  i am not a good mom." (please, this is not a post where i need reassurance about motherhood.  i know you support me in my mommyness, i am really using this example to speak to 'good')  it was like when someone says, "i really like your bangs!" and i want to say, "they are not attractive bangs," or, "what? these hack-job, too short bangs?!" or, "pfft.  yeah, right."

one man's trash is another man's treasure, right?  so maybe i am a good mom.  maybe good mom is just as flexible a sentiment as good bangs, good friend?  maybe, maybe i am a good mom with awesome bangs and maybe i'm a good friend.

good is very, very bad.

i rarely spend time with my friends.  by a 'i spend time weekly with my good friends' kind of gal's measure, i wouldn't fit the good friend category.  i think a good mom sets a good example.  good examples like, staying fit, keeping up the house, being involved in outside activities (like volunteering, being on a coffee committee, gardening, hostessing and visiting) and providing a regular schedule and balanced meals.  everything i don't do.  so yes, i think a good mom is the opposite of me.  a good mom is like...my mom.  and my mom comes over here all the time to help me....BECAUSE SHE KNOWS I AM A BAD MOM!???  is this widely known?  oh, jen's poor kids, what with her being a bad mom and general terrible person.

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