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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

pizza blocks

 i took some time in finding this image of abc blocks.  so much time, in fact, i don't remember how they were going to be the 'building blocks' for this post!

oh yes.  here it is: i have writers block.

i have a few posts that are way s.t.u.c.k. in the back of my head.  it is as if i can feel them back there holding on to my brain stem, so as not to be brought to the top of my head and  then onto the screen.  i want to write about good and bad.  i want to write about filters.  i want to write about friendship.  i want to write about my children and motherhood, and how all of these things are linked together.  i want to wonder about weak adrenals, and why depression is so scary, and that people run from it.  scary, big, wonderful heady thoughts.  they are all linked up together--like calcification, clogging the arteries of my thinkering.

you know what?  i have been eating some bad high-fat foods.  seriously!  that is it!  my synapses are crispy instead of flexible.  shoot.  stupid pizza.
hey pizza!  you are making my blog boring and my thoughts dull.  get out of my life!  and quit planting your dirty little devilish thoughts as base as homer simpson: mmm.  food.  now that i've found you, ratted you out, confronted you, you can bet i am going to do what i can to get your pizza ass out of my brain, you got that, pizza?  you messed with the wrong nutbag this time, you cheesey, saucey, crusty, piping hot, comes right to my door, cardboard box hiding brain cruncher!  i want my head back.


Anonymous said...

I am relating to your "hey pizza!"...yes. get out of my life too.

Anonymous said...

s.t.u.c.k: Sh**t Tucked Up in the Cracks of yer Knoggin.

Anonymous said...

oh, that was me above. Forgot to sign my name.
~ann b.

Brita said...

Have you untwisted those words from your brain stem yet? I'm waiting...

elizabeth said...

Oh, man. I've had some of those posts. In fact, I have one that's been stuck there for WELL over a year. I am pretty sure that there are at least 4 drafts of it lying around here, and even more in my brain. It's about leaving and finding tribe, and it is something I want to write, and I don't know how to write it. I've even tried giving myself permission to write horribly s*itty first drafts of it to get it moving and it's still stuck. Oh well. On the bright side, I do know from experience that the things that are stuck in my head will come out when the time is right and they will be even better than they would have been if they had come out when they were stuck. Sometime, that consoles me.

Also, PIZZA!!!!!

Also, you reminded me that I wanted to write about friendship and unworthiness and the dark side of radiance. And maybe even friendship and vulnerability. Maybe I will do that next week.

ethiopifinn said...

yes, friendship and vulnerability.
and yes, the unworthy affliction.
dark side of radiance? i am intrigued. like, the dark side of the moon? say more. i'll watch for it.

brita, they are jammed tight in there.

ann, i just love how your funniness just is. not blatant, just hilarious!