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Thursday, January 19, 2012


  • it's a two scarf kind of night
  • i told deanna, earlier, that if i had nuts, i'd surely be freezing them off tonight
  • it's no°
  • hab put frosting on the kids noodles tonight while i was at work. he thought it was butter
  • i have burst out laughing no less than 4 times in the hour and a half since he told me
  • at least 30 minutes before he told me about the frosting, he said, the kids didn't want to eat anything tonight
  • bahahahahahaaaaahha!
  • i rinsed them off and they tasted just fine (the noodles.  i rinsed and tasted the noodles)
  • i think the thoughts are starting to get unstuck from my headball
  • here's hoping for a fabulous friday!
and, um, remember this list from monday?

  • finish cleaning our upstairs

  • cut out the fabric for the purse i am imagining

  • eat lots of salad and fruit

  • sleep more solid chunks of sleep

  • finish addressing the cards to my clients

  • ya. ah, i guess i am going to be busy tomorrow.  lots of fruit eating and card addressing and fabric cutting to do. and i'll go work on that sleep one right now.
    so here's hoping for an industrious friday!!


    Anonymous said...

    that's a great story right there! -jr

    Anonymous said...

    maybe he's on to something? frosting on noodles, I mean
    ~ann b.

    MindiJo said...

    Mac n cheese. Mac n frosting. Either way.

    elizabeth said...

    Well, it has butter in it! At least I think it does. ;)