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Saturday, January 7, 2012

shadey character

in these glasses, theo reminds me of a movie with one of my screen crushes.  (by the way, if you do like movies, i loved high fidelity.  i never want to know the real john cusack because i like the john cusack of my imagination so very very much.  plus, hello? awesome sister, joan cusack?  what fun!)  and now i see the film was based on a novellette, which is only 3.99 on amazon for the kindle.  i want to read it, and i want a kindle.  


you know? those folks who don't like the movie watchin' so much because of where your mind isn't when ya watch one, and for what a movie can lead to...yeah.  i so get it.    

i still heart movies, tho.  and books.  i would have wanted a kindle, most probably, had i never seen Martian Child. ;)

anyhoo...back to my point.  theo.  my sweet five year old boy.  he's sick, if you haven't been keeping up.  dreadful cold.  on the mend, today, but still a yucky cough and drippy nenä.  i've been rubbing peppermint oil on him, and it does seem to help.  but his eyes are bothering him, light sensitive, which i think is from those activated sinuses (i'm trying to ignore/attack my own symptoms which equals keep going + drinking peppermint tea and using the neti pot).  

when i came home this afternoon, there was nothing but crabbiness flowing around the house, after some crankety-crabby momness, i said 'dad?  let's take them out of the house.  no. more. whining.'  suvi and theo both slept in the car, both commenced whining/crying upon returning home.  HE IMMEDIATELY LEFT THE HOUSE TO GET A BRIBE FROM THAT WONDERFUL RED BOX.  hence the glasses.  t couldn't look at that television because his eyes were bugging him, his whining was bugging me, i offered the glasses, we are both happy.  

baddabing baddaboom, now it's bed time!


Anonymous said...

I thought of Tom Cruise when I first saw the picture.
By the way, have you seen "Bridesmaids" yet? so funny!
~ann b.

ethiopifinn said...

yeah, like risky business tom cruise! not jumping on oprah's couch tom.

i bought bridesmaids and haven't cracked that puppy open yet. i am looking forward to it for sure!

Anonymous said...

I read that book - and saw the movie. I like to be reminded how smart you are - those glasses, genius. I didn't put it together, but I've been sensitive to the light too w/my cold. The things I pick up from you! -jr

ethiopifinn said...

jr, it's because the 9 months more than you of living i've done really puts me ahead of the game. bwahahaha!