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Friday, January 6, 2012

sniffle, sniffle

this has been another week of the sicks around here.  theo is miserable with a sinus-y/chest cold.  i am starting to feel a little sinus-y myself, so i pulled out the neti pot yesterday. sighhhhh.  he's five now, so i did dare give him a homeopathic cold n cough remedy.  it really helps take some of the misery away, he's not constantly coughing an hour out.  i bought it last night, gave it to him at 11, but didn't go to bed myself until nearly 1 o'clock.  since he's never taken anything like that before, i was worried he might be allergic.  so far so good.  i bought my third humidifier-- this one actually works (it's a vaporizer--what is the difference?).  it was under 20 bucks.  yesterday, i had him sit in the bathroom with the shower on hot, hot, hot.  that really helped.  vicks on his back, chest, feet, vaseline on the spot below the nose and above the lip, oj in his thomas cup, and tv on.  that part is for me, most certainly, sue me.  i LIKE sesame street. right now i hear a song about 'if you look, you'll find bugs everywhere!'  eew. EVERYWHERE?

some good, fun planning occurred this week.  setting up hair appointments, making paper chains, ordering thank you cards for my clients with a photo of yours truly on the front... too funny.
i added 'thank you' to the upper right, and on the back some words of thanks for my clients.  i finished our fall photo album on mixbook (i had a groupon).  excited to see how it turns out, as i have mostly used shutterfly (there is a 40% off sale right now until ann b's birthday) and snapfish (sales there, too).  there are many more design options on mixbook; i really hope the quality of the printing is better, too... i'll report back when it arrives.

alrighty, off to watch elmo. i mean, take care of the kids.  yeah, yeah, that's it. the kids...


Anonymous said...

the kids. yes. I love the thank you card! great idea:) and thanks for reminding me about the vicks on the feet - heard that's supposed to be great for a bad cough (I've got one!). Onions, garlic, radishes, oregano oil, neti pot...I'm valiantly fighting. Keep your chin up over there! -jr

Anonymous said...

I would love to see your photo album w mixbook. I made my first photo album w shutterfly. Can't wait to see quality. How you all feel better soon. I just got this Chinese oil "angel"...seems to work great for sinus, ear ache. Love Marie m

MindiJo said...

Oooh, take some zinc if you are feeling it. I have it and it is baaaaaaaaaaad. Going away now, but I have had it for close to three weeks and it won't evacuate as quickly as I wish.

MindiJo said...

And setting up hair appointments? I'm sure whoever it is will love her hair, but the conversation more! :)