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Monday, February 20, 2012

i bend my ear to the tremblin' track

(that's another of the favorite storyhill songs)
we went to a park near the tracks...judah wanted to explore (p.s. overlook my hair)

theo's coat is london fog from the thrift store...he loves it.  nearly as much as he loves all things train.

a broom for the switch thing, to change lines...

we picked up supper last night.  judah and i waited in the car, he cried for a couple of minutes when he realized daddy was not letting him out of his buckles.  we listened to a little music, but every few minutes he'd do one of his sweet, sad "oh-ohhhh?"


MindiJo said...

If that is your idea of hair that needs to be overlooked, I'll just nod and pretend like mine never looks worse than that. But you might be giving me a little bit of a complex.

What a great family you have. You are giving your preshies such a happy childhood. Love it.

Julie said...

I'm loving the photos you shared. Beautiful family!