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Monday, March 19, 2012

fairy princess tea party

i'm not 100% on the princess part, but the rest is spot on.

suvi was invited to a sweet little party today.

the mother of the house lived on the same street as i did growing up, on the other side of the hill..  her sister was there (a barton bimbo), and one of the girls from milbert, and the bride of the hostesses brother (her first name is the same as mine, and she's from the same town as the hostesses cub fan husband).  got that?

it was so fun to watch the little girls decorate their wings.  isn't that just a great thought for us grown up girls?  decorate your wings and F-L-Y!!!
suvi looks a little tentative here, but she did sing a rainbow song at the table- i hope that means she felt good.  suvi told me it was the best party ever.

into my bag went all the goodies from the party: felt cupcake shaped bag, princess pen, cupcake notebook, rings, tea party gloves, a lollipop (the birthday girl was sure to correct her mama--they are NOT suckers, fyi). the tea party hat and fairy wings did not fit in my (new) bag.

{the new bag i finally finished not long ago isn't quite right.  i think the fabric i used for the straps is a little too stretchy and maybe i put them a tinge too close together.  and while i was out at the mall making some returns from bad online purchases (the purple fitflops went back) this YELLOW bag caught my eye.  the zipper seems a little cheap, tho.  what's up with that, marc ecko?}

thank you for inviting suvi for "Uhlaynuh's" party, MLE.  we both had so much fun.  i giggled to myself as  i dried my hands in the bathroom: when i was in arizona, part of the fun was just being in deanna's space- seeing her style and her stuff.  i had that same feeling today.  just relaxing and heart lightening to see your home and your stuff and be with you!!  and to be with friends today...so right.  it is enjoyable to be with those childhood friends, as mama's now.  it makes my heart happy to see your children, i love them so much because they are part of you!! WIHOOO!

you've seen two glimpses of my bunk, so here are the steps that lead up to my chamber.


MindiJo said...

Oooooh. I LOVE that bag. And your steps.

And princess tea parties.

Anonymous said...

big long sigh. thanks for a bit of heaven:) this post was a welcome few moments in a busy week. -jr

elizabeth said...

I love that bag! I was about to say, "You made that! Can I put in an order?!"