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Friday, March 23, 2012

catching up on the week

19. (resubmitting) where i slept.  this is a king size bed.  awesome to stretch out in, compared to our full size at home.  of course, both the boys came to hog my spot in the night...
20. what i read on the road.  i was monkeying around on h's phone and saw that he has a kindle app, so i got some adventures of sherlock holmes.  for free.  good reading!  i want to get a real book of those stories, i had not read any until now.
21. pretty pattern.  we went to the Depot (in Duluth) yesterday to check out the train museum.  there is a children's museum as well...it's a great place to take the kids.  lots to do and play.  not super cheap- $12 for adults and $6 or so for kids.  There are some exhibits and shops that are open only at the weekend.  Theo cried for a looooong time because the gift shop (with LOTS of thomas the train crap treasures) was closed.  mmmmhmmm.
22. trees.  park point.  you should know by now it is one of my favorite places in the world.  sweet & beautiful trees, grasses, sand, Lake Superior.  Happy Sigh.
23.  sunset.  these photos were making me laugh.  but i love the light.
i didn't notice quite how tucked under the bububbs my shirt was, enhancing my bagel-too-many figure.  too funny.
i love how the evening light comes in the dining room.  and how it illuminates my dirty windows.  HA!!  (what.  I'm on vacation.  I am not going to wash them today/any time soon!!)

24.  a smile.  how can you not smile when you see this bin?
i would love a home in park point along the canal or on the lakeside.  or up 61 somewhere, close to town.  oh DULUTH!  you make me SMILE.

"Hope y'all are enjoying y'alls meals," said the McDonald's guy cleaning up the tables near us.
"Are you alright?  Can I help you?" said the college kid who was working at the water park when I wiped out carrying Judah.  Oh, he's okay, but I can't decide if my knee or my pride was more damaged.  Really?  My butt in the air in the middle of the walkway?  Did that really happen?  Hooh.  Shoot.

Enjoy the weekend, or should I say, Are y'all enjoying y'alls Friday?!  XO!!!


Yvonne said...

a very nice collection! your processing has a dreamy quality to it.

Gram said...

That was sooo worth the wait.

Anonymous said...

lovely. -jr

MindiJo said...

I agree with all three ladies who commented before me. I just wait. and wait. and wait. for a new post from you. Always. Even if you *just* posted. I want more. I love your words, your take on things, your photos. I love how you see the beauty in everything.

Oh, and you lucky thing. You have a chest. What is that like? ;) I don't remember.