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Sunday, March 25, 2012

600 with 6 days and a wedding ahead.

Dear Photo Challenge,

I hope this letter finds you well.  You have really been a force in my life this month.  You've led me to a bit of blog stalking, nudged me to follow instruction (and not entirely abandon or buck protocol), and moved my monthly photo total from 250 to over 600.  It's shocking.

I have come to enjoy and look forward to each day's challenge.  You have moved the energy in my brain from the back to the front.  Right there above my brows and behind my bangs, there is activity.  With your simplicity and palms-up, one word direction, I found myself moving from self-doubt and insecurity to contented, curious, ease.  I am beginning to recognize the weight of a camera in my hands again.  Increasing my aperture.

Thank you, Photo Challenge.  I shall savour these last few days of March.


day 25: sunflare.

day 26: something old.  this something old was my grandmother's.  march 26th is her birthday!

i might give it another go tomorrow.  i don't like that shadow from the kitchen light.

day 27: after dark.


Jan said...

Awesome, Jenny. I remember seeing some awesome photos you took back in the days of film. (b&w, a made up girl eating ice cream?)
I am glad the photography bug is biting you again : )

Gram said...

I'm with you. This challenge has been more fun than I imagined. Great photos..all! Hard to pick my favorite.

Anonymous said...

Hey! I love those photos, really great stuff. But I have to say, that letter just topped it off for me, you're the best. -jr