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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


zou bisou bisou...

I don't even watch Mad Men and I can't get that tune out of my head!

blogger is switching up the behind the blog look and i would like the font size to be bolder and the composition box to be more defined.

the moon is lovely tonight, but the crazy wind kept blowing me around like a plastic bag.

i heard a young woman say 'bag' on sunday and i keep hearing it over and over in my mind.  i wish somebody would tell her that's just not how we say it here. it is bag like bayg, not bag like...basket.  this is minnesota for cryin' out LOUD.  (if we can't agree, maybe we should just call it a tote or a satchel.  i'm more comfortable with that)

anyhoo, want some pop to go with? need more hotdish?  (yes, i *am* funny)

yesterday and today i have been feeling a little flat.  dull.

i went a little nutso at target today and came home with all sorts of shelving and such forth.  i will get my clothes out of the laundry baskets and onto some shelves fast. now.  i put a wire shelf thingy together this afternoon, so now our bathroom crap--ooh, bad word choice--stuff is off the floor, out of the window sill and away from the back of the toilet.  sigh.

last week i bought some spray paint...i am debating on which items will be upgraded to ivory and/or pale pink.

i'm going to be taking some photos this weekend at my nephew's wedding.  i just realized that i don't have anyone to help me.  gulp.

even though i wrote her name on the back of my hand, i didn't confirm my next tuesday 6:00 appointment, but i did get you on the books, my friend.

suvi desperately wants a sister.  i feel bad for her, but i am not able to arrange that one!  it sure would be great.  last week she told me her sister can be named jessie.  the week before she put her little face up to my gut and yelled, "God! can you put a new baby in here?!"  she is so sweet, my suvi.  and she is four years old at 11:45ish A.M.  my easiest delivery! badda bing, badda boom: baby!

happy birthday the most wonderful girl.  i love you!!


elizabeth said...

I love that request! Happy birthday, dear Suvi! And Happy Suvi birthday, dear Suvi mother! I hope it was the most wonderful birthday yet.

MindiJo said...

Happy birthday to that shining star!

Last night I dreamt that I had a baby girl. I named her Lila. I know. Good story.

Anonymous said...

I hope sweet Suvi had a great day! -jr

Anonymous said...

Been way too long without some hairapy - see you next week :) Your Tuesday 6 pm

Katz said...

You never can win! I said "Liisi don't you feel lucky to have a baby sister ?" and she said "yes, but I really want a big sister" AND she tells me she can't wait to hear her voice!