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Friday, March 2, 2012

isn't that just the way!

yesterday morning i called my mother pretty much first-off.  i had wanted her to watch the kids so i could have a little break.  i really want to go to national camera exchange, and these kidlettes cannot come along on that trip.  turns out, mom was already babysitting another of her grandkids.  i should have called earlier!
not really. because around noon-thirty, theo puked.  an hour later, suvi puked.  i could feel it in my tummy, but i didn't start until after they went to bed.  i was so.cold.  then judey started around 10:30. the hubbinator was tired, but feeling okay, so he let me rest and wrangled judah all on his own.  'course, a few hours into the night, the dad got it, too.  FIVE pukers does not a happy household make.
Good thing Gram didn't come over.

I wanted her to come because I was feeling a little twisty.  It is difficult for me to tell if the thing that is making me angsty is real, or imagined, but I'm leaning towards real.  You see, I think I said to much to someone, and it is taking quite some time to recover.  BUT, yesterday, amidst all the puking, the clarity swung into my brain for a bit.  What is more important than these darling children?  The rest will get sorted out one way or another.  (It might start with a genuine apology from me, rather than the, "C'mon, don't be mad at me," I tried to sneak by with)

I have been having a crappy week, rather, a fortunately/unfortunately week.  Wednesday our power went out from the storm...it was like shoveling wet towels--so heavy!  But it came back on around 6 P.M.  The last time we lost power from a heavy snow it was out for two days.  The thermostat read something like 48 when the heat came back on.  Thursday, I was pouting to myself that Mom couldn't babysit, but then, she didn't get exposed to this disgusting bug.  Feeling like nobody likes me, everybody hates me...guess what?  There are three little peeps over here who really need their Mama.  And I.need.them.

bits and pieces made a suggestion to the shoe fits on fb so that she might get acquainted with her rebel self.  a thirty day photo challenge.  i printed out the schedule and put in on my calendar and took my self portrait, started planning my 'what i wore today' photo, and voila! it's already happening on my blog roll!  i'm often late to the party, but i still want to play!
march 1st: self portrait (see what i'm saying? angsty)

march 2nd: today's outfit: holey black tank with faded brown pants.  


Carol said...

I love lurking on your blog -- glad to see you're in on the photo challenge!

Julie said...

Well, even your "angsty", not-feeling-well self is gorgeous. Flawless skin! I was hoping you'd be participating. :) Get better!

Gram said...

Whoohoo. I, too, was so hoping you'd join. You are a joy to know, even if it's just on "da blaahg". I almost posted the exact same picture...feet up on my lazy boy with my legs in pj's.

Laura said...

I lurv you.

I've been toying with the 30 day photo thing on FB but, like you, post on my blog rather than FB.

30 days doesn't have to start the first of the month, I guess...

MindiJo said...

This one that we are doing is a tad different than the one Lenny suggested. In case you didn't notice.

BTW: I mean to text you yesterday. Shoot. I'm bummed I forgot. I was going to say that I had a lot of fun capturing the northern lights with you in the dream I had. :)

I'm so happy you joined us!!

ethiopifinn said...

i just realized there was a bit of a difference. i found yvonne's list and saved it. i might use both!
and i had such a great time, too, mindi, northern lights are amazing!!!

yes, lo, do it!! i love to see what you see.