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Sunday, March 4, 2012

this is kind of a bigger challenge than i anticipated.

but maybe it'll be like other new things and get more comfortable, more fluid.  A LOT of my thoughts today have been about this photo challenge. yesterday my mind could not possibly think of anything other than an actual cloud.  i googled cloud to get some inspiration.  i searched for a different list to maybe do a blending of lists, but that wasn't a super successful endeavor.  so.  here i am, half past five on day four.
 photo 3: clouds.  i had a chai latte today while theo was in sunday school.

day four: something green.  our auntie came home from abroad today! and she brought new clothes for the kids.  this is on the front of suvi's tunic.  LOVE.


Carol said...

oooh - love the design on that tunic. I might have to copy it and put it in a quilt!

MindiJo said...

I googled "cloud" for inspiration, too. It wasn't until I was looking out the window and saw a lone chunk of snow that it dawned on me...

ethiopifinn said...

Mindi-i just loved your clouds photo, and it was INSPIRED!!

Carol, i look forward to seeing the quilt someday :)