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Friday, April 20, 2012

friday, friday

i was a little shocked just now when i sat down.  it's friday already?  YEEHAW!

first of all, let me THANK YOUSE.  {wink} i have actually been having a good week.  i did get emotional and down on myself over there at the doc's office, but, it is a lovely day today.  Thank you for your support.  It touches my heart.

one of the things i like to tell people {even if they don't ask for my opinion} is keep talking, communication is so important.  another thing i find myself saying to others is, it's okay if you made a bad choice, it doesn't mean you have to stop in your tracks, you will do well to keep going.  i also say, you can't talk to my friend that way! when i hear her talking smack about herself.  it breaks my heart!  you are so precious, my friend!

i haven't been engaging in open communication.  i am taking it upon myself to decide what others do not want to hear from me.  i am protecting them from my woes.  i have been acting like a serial giver-upper, and beating myself up over it.  shoot.

hello? jennifer? oh, there you are.  now, are you listening?  if you are going to talk the talk, you gotsta walk the walk.

today i got this book.
Jeffrey Brantley, MD & Wendy Millstine

My Mom has been babysitting a lot for me this week (hey. maybe that's why i've been feeling so good! ha!).  yesterday? she brought some paint over for the kids.  they have really been enjoying it.  i am so thrilled with their artwork.  my mom drew the parts of this flower, then suvi cut them out and put them together on wednesday. yesterday she painted it. so lovely.

theo has been really creating and working on writing.  here he drew a train with marker, then painted it.
the smoke is marker.  the green part is tracks.  the paint smudged a bit, but i love his carefulness!
the train is as long as my first finger.

when i saw this drawing, i seriously.laughed.  maybe he'll be a poet?

judah would love to get his little hands in the paint, but he tried to drink the brush water. not quite ready yet, baby bub.

Wishing you a Fantastical Friday and Wonderful WeekEND :) xoxo


Jan said...

I love the artwork, and glad today is better. Let us know what you think of the book, please!

MindiJo said...

Yay! to good days. Weeks. Minutes. Whatever. Yay! to good.

Anonymous said...

sending you hugs, my friend. Last week I picked up the phone (mentally) many times to call you and chit-chat. Now I wish I had called.

I keep smiling at the "poops"....what is it about kids, that they love the poopy talk?


ethiopifinn said...

betz, it's not just the kids, if i remember ANY convo i've had with you!! haha. i've been wanting to chat, too. miss ya lots.

mindi-yes, YAY!!

jan--will do. i haven't read any yet...