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Friday, April 13, 2012

i'm in the mood for...

you know how sometimes you are craving chocolate chip cookies? and you eat an apple? then some graham crackers? and you find yourself still digging through the kitchen looking for something that will make your craving go away?

that is what the internet is for me.  i start with reading my favorite blogs, then i check email-both accounts, facebook, maybe a little pinterest, maybe a little twitter, back to the blogs, a stop on the googles for some information, a few clicks into the gossip, one more check on facebook, fantasy shopping on etsy... all of that web navigating between kid calls.  you know, feeding, watering, pottying, refereeing, the usual stuff.  i feel constantly interrupted (because i totally am interrupted--"WHAT!?" all. the. time.) no matter what i am doing: changing a poopy pants, the girl wants some help getting her princess on; folding clothes sizes 2T to 2X, the boy wants some water (i have been known to say that we are all out. "of water, mom?" yes.); getting grapes for the princess, the baby is wearing his yogurt.  so i keep jumping on the computer to "catch up" and soak up some 'me time'.  what is that, tho? me time?

i feel like i am never enough, never do enough, never know enough, laugh enough, play enough, clean enough.  so what?  who isn't busy? don't have kids? not married? not busy?  yes you are.  i am busy with mommyness, so this is my frame of reference, but i think it was true for me before i was living the dream.  i keep trying to eat the internet cracker instead of feeding my brain with the oatmeal chocolate chip cookie me time i crave.

what do i need to thrive?  i need to create.  i need one on one adult conversation.  i need to get out of the house.  i need to read.  i need to write.  i need music.  i want to watch a movie now and again.  i need a date with my husband more often than twice a year.  i need to set aside time for the budget and resolving my bank account.

what about you?  what makes you thrive?

OH! and beauty.  i need time for beauty.  by this i mean enjoying art, or lovely sentiment of others, getting my hair done.

enjoy the weekend! PEACE.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to research my brain on that one after a good night's rest. Alone time is the only one that yells out to me right about now. -jr

Leanne said...

I felt exactly like that for a number of years. And then this year, I sent the youngest to preschool M/W/F 9 - 1 and I suddenly had 4x3...12 hours to myself ever.single.week. And I realize that all things do indeed pass. But now I'm gonna have babygirl to put me back in the place you are (divided by three) and I'll feel like I don't get enough "me" time either. But then She'll go to kindergarten and the same cycle will exist. Ah. The joys of motherhood. Take your moments where you can; they are so important! XO

Gram said...

I'll say it again. I love your literary gifts. As to that internet cracker thing: Once in awhile I do that jumping around thing too; and it reminds me why we bloggers enjoy comments. It's like a "hello?? out there" thing.

ethiopifinn said...

gram, totally.

isn't it funny leanne? and i am so craving a baby. sleep is so important!!

jr, i'm waiting to hear what will make you thrive...

Anonymous said...

I need to create. How??
~ann b.

Laura said...

You and the hubinator should go on a date to MIA - date, check! Out of the house, check! Artsy, check! Budget friendly (hello free!), check!

MindiJo said...

HOW THE BEEP DID YOU READ MY MIND? Within the past week, I've told more than one friend and ZZtop that I want to go to a hotel. Alone. By myself. And listen to the quiet. Eat a hot meal without interruption. Talk to nobody. Just enjoy me without anyone demanding anything from me. I NEED that. Can I have it? Then I'll come home refreshed.


ethiopifinn said...

mindi, we have 2 free nights at a hotel and at first, i was trying to figure out how i could go solo. word.

laura, i like.

ann...your photos are pretty super duper. do you print them?

Emily said...

You speak my language Jen! Thanks for the comfort.

Mindi and Jen - all winter I drove by hotels and looked longingly at them. Since I've had my baby, it hasn't happened so much, but I wanted at least one night away ALONE.