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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


  • when i stayed in finland for a few months, i read one book a few times to a couple of boys, aged 3 and 6.  the six year old really helped me with my finnish language. kuningatar was the fifth word in that book, and it is locked in my brain.  i should have swiped that book!
  • i love the post office.  today i mailed four cards and two packages.  when i was in alnwick, i wrote letters home every day.  the post office was in the back of a shop.  i remember two postit in finland...i was always a bit nervous, in case i said something wrong.  i like to blend in, and was ever so pleased when people thought i was local.  sigh.
  • i got some good ugly tennies today. 
  • twice today the universe sent me a message to change my badditude into a positude.  the first message came to me when i was in the post office parking lot talking to deanna, the second message when i was reading liv's blog. (sounds like 'leave')
  • twice today i got to drive to watertown.  it is a lovely drive.  and there were so many sights i was noticing for the first time due to the sunshine and general daylight along the way. (yay!) 
  • kitty korner to my heart, there is a hot stone blocking my butterflies.  i need some flow and some release!
sunshine and rainbows...
mmmkay. cranky. better go to bed now.  

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